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When chemist Teddy Morris left Amsterdam to return to her hometown this fall, it was not the DC she remembered. A stranger followed her around the city, her memories were coming apart at the seams and a man claiming to be her dead dad had become a controversial faith leader. Over the next six months, her life took a swerve she never saw coming.

This summer, Dr. Theodora Morris cordially invites you to tour the R2 Labs where she and her colleagues are hard at work developing a chemical compound that may punch a hole through space time and allow those displaced from alternate realities to return home. Probably.

This live performance is the culmination of CHEMICAL EXILE, Rorschach’s seven-chapter immersive adventure across the city. Chapters 1-7 are on sale now here. They can be experienced anytime at home or by traveling in person to locations throughout DC on your own timeline. They can be done in-person over a weekend, or at home in about 90 minutes.)

CHEMICAL EXILE: SYNTHESIS can be enjoyed with or without participation in the first seven chapters.

Production Information

Show Type
Approximate Running Time
90 minutes


Non-AEA, Lead, Teddy Morris
Non-AEA, Supporting, Kallik
Non-AEA, Supporting, Frankie
Non-AEA, Supporting, Velouria
Non-AEA, Supporting, Elizabeth
Non-AEA, Supporting, Everett