Chocolate Covered Ants

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Adrienne Taylor (Suli Myrie) is a professor at a fictitious women's college where she's researching the plight of the Black woman in America.  "Chocolate Covered Ants" chronicles the final leg of her research—an examination of Black men—to determine what effect (if any) they have on the mental, social and physical survival of Black women. Dr. Taylor has invited men from around the country to take part in her research.  They are her subjects, her Chocolate Covered Ants. The intimate, revealing insights of the 'Ants' open a portal into the mind of Black men not previously articulated on stage.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Dr. Adrienne Hilton
Michelle Pitts
AJ McCormick
Dr. Patrick Hilton
Jayson Deeds
Tyrone Jackson
Alan McCormick
The Ant Queen

Creative Team