The Magic Finger

Performance Dates

Lucy is an influential 8-year old with a passion for righting wrongs and a "magic" index finger that doles out justice. When Lucy sees something she thinks is unfair, she points her magic finger at the problem and it causes all sorts of mischief! One day, when visiting her friend William Gregg, Lucy discovers the Gregg family enjoys hunting ducks. Horrified, she points her magic finger at the family and oh, boy that little finger makes things topsy turvey! The Gregg family is transformed into miniature people with duck wings while the members of the hunted duck family become human sized and sprout arms. The ducks are adjusting to TV, telephones, and even the bathtub while the Greggs must nest in a tree and learn to survive in the air. Can Lucy make things right? (Best for ages 5-10.)

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
72 minutes



Creative Team

Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Adapted By
Matthew McGee, Puppet Designer
David Stern & Stephen Guidry, Video