Migraaaaants, or there's too many of us on this damn boat

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This satirical comedy explores the plight of migrants as they cross seas, deal with profiteers, face dehumanization and exploitation, and navigate the cultures where they land. Matéi Visniec presents a fresh perspective that helps us understand the human elements of the migration issue.

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90 minutes


Balkan Woman, Presenter, Politically Correct Coach, Newsreader, Madame, Political Expert
Children Smuggler, Smuggler, Migrant Visitor, Elihu, Fehed
Smuggler Boss, Children Smuggler, Suggler
Smuggler, Ali, The President, Undertaker, Transvestite
Presenter, Old Woman, Prostitute, Political Expert
Presenter, Translator, Veiled Singer, Veiled Danger, Prostitute, Political Expert

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