The Oreo Complex

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What does an unapologetic performance of blackness look like in a space where you are underrepresented and very often stereotyped? The OREO Complex is a multi-disciplinary solo performance inspired by WEB DuBois’ concept of double consciousness.
Through poetry, song and dance The OREO Complex unravels a variety of topics including: representation, stereotypes, assimilation, and microaggressions. It tells the story of OREO Girl, a black woman, navigating predominantly white institutions. For her, it is a voyage to be seen as authentically human, despite obstructions from a community that wants to put her in a box. This thought-provoking performance is a visceral amalgam of everything you don’t want to say about race. An exploration of internalized segregation, a celebration of resilience, and a revolution to be seen and heard!

Production Information

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Approximate Running Time
60 minutes


Oreo Girl

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Choreographer for plays
Musical Director
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Stage Manager
Props Designer/Master