Richard The Third

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What does it look like when a man with no scruples stops at nothing to gain power? If you’re unsure, Richard of Gloucester will gladly demonstrate. What he lacks in looks he makes up for in bottomless ambition, ruthless cunning and rapacious zeal: the crown, at all costs. As he climbs ever higher, Richard bends the world to his will until even his mother can’t bear to own him.

Shakespeare’s mesmerizing chronicle of the megalomaniac’s rampage to the throne — one of his greatest variations on history — remains an irresistible study of villainy and of our alarming addiction to its exploits. Director David Muse returns to STC after his hit production of King Charles III, rendered “more incisively than…in its Broadway incarnation” (The Washington Post).

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Edward IV/Ratcliffe
Second Murderer
Queen Margaret
Young Prince Edward
Richard of Gloucester
Lady Anne
Queen Elizabeth
Duchess of York
First Murderer/Scrivener/Blunt
Bishop of Ely

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Choreographer for plays
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Fight Choreographer Robb Hunter